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At the New Voices Fund, we are redefining the future of investment in the consumer sector by focusing on founders who lead brands serving the New General Market. This market is defined as an amalgamation of cultures, ethnicities, and demographics, united by shared need states, lifestyles, and commonalities.

We firmly believe in the power of inclusion, recognizing both the differences within populations and the shared needs across them. We back founders that think differently. They create better solutions, and can serve all consumers, not just a few or the largest segment. By identifying common needs and connection points among people, they transcend differences and unite in their pursuit of innovation and inclusion.

Our journey begins with the profound belief that we are all interconnected by our collective aspirations for better, healthier, and more purposeful lives.

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The New Voices Fund was created to ensure that entrepreneurs serving the New General Market, oftentimes entrepreneurs of color, are financially empowered to use their voices to elevate their ideas, giving their businesses a fighting chance to compete and win

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Our History

Founded in 2018, the New Voices Fund is the brainchild of entrepreneur Richelieu Dennis, the visionary behind Sundial Brands. Richelieu's journey began with the founding of Sundial Brands, which included iconic brands such as Shea Moisture and Nubian Heritage. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to breaking barriers in the Consumer space ultimately led to a historic milestone: the largest exit by an African-American entrepreneur through the sale of Sundial Brands to Unilever. This exit provided the opportunity for Rich to continue the disruption of the Consumer sector through the creation of the New Voices Fund, to back the next wave of leaders.

Sundial's flagship brand, Shea Moisture, emerged as the gold standard for premium hair care and personal care. It transcended boundaries, captivating consumers across generations and ethnicities. This success was built on an inclusive, purpose-driven ethos—a beacon of transformation in the industry.

The expertise and experience forged by the success of Sundial Brands now stand as the bedrock of the New Voices Fund. We draw from a wealth of knowledge and lessons learned to nurture and scale businesses—only bigger and better, and in record time.

Our Mission

At New Voices Fund, our mission is twofold: to provide high-risk adjusted returns for our investors (LPs) while empowering visionary entrepreneurs and brands that uniquely resonate with the New General Market. Our commitment to delivering strong returns for our LPs is a fundamental pillar of our mission, ensuring that our investors benefit from their partnership with us.

We recognize that providing high risk-adjusted returns requires a focus on strategic investments within the Consumer sector. Our investments are aimed at brands that not only have the potential to disrupt their respective markets but also align with the values and needs of the diverse and dynamic New General Market.

Through our mission, we aim to bridge the gap between investment success and positive change in the communities we serve. It's about fostering unity, innovation, and inclusivity while simultaneously delivering value to our LPs. We believe that by empowering visionary leaders and fostering inclusive business models, we can create a more prosperous and equitable future.

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Our Purpose

Beyond financial returns, our purpose is to champion diversity, inclusion, and innovation in the Consumer sector. Diverse entrepreneurs often lead the charge in serving the New General Market, and we are dedicated to choosing the winners and providing them with the opportunities and support they need to thrive.

We believe in the transformative power of inclusive business, where everyone can benefit from products and services that enhance their lives. Our purpose is to facilitate growth, innovation, and positive change, one investment at a time, as well as create opportunities for generational wealth for our founders.

Our commitment to empowering the next generation of visionary entrepreneurs is unwavering. We believe in providing the support, expertise, and resources they need to create a new generation of iconic brands tailored to the diverse and dynamic New General Market. Inclusion, innovation, and social responsibility are the guiding principles that steer our journey as we pave the way for these entrepreneurs to achieve remarkable success.

What's the Difference?

Similar names but different functions, catch-up quick!

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The New Voices Family refers to the New Voices Fund and the New Voices Foundation.

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New Voices Fund is a thesis-driven venture capital firm, comprised of career investors and former founders and operators, aiming to amplify the voices and needs of the New General Market.

We provide dilutive capital to a select number of companies in which we feel we can co-create together.

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The New Voices Foundation is a separate but integral part of the New Voices Family. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization building an ecosystem, primarily, for women of color entrepreneurs through flexible funding, learning, and networking opportunities via grants, pitch competitions, bootcamps, coaching, and online learning. Founded in 2018, the Foundation is committed to addressing the barriers faced by women-of-color entrepreneurs in business in order to allow their businesses to grow, scale and thrive for generations to come. The Foundation has a community of 25,000+ businesses.

Learn more about the Foundation: www.newvoicesfoundation.org